MIND Institute Participant Registry

Thank you for your interest in our research at the UC Davis MIND Institute!

Please sign up in our secure, internal, voluntary, participant database to be contacted for studies you or your family may be eligible for. There are two options to sign up.

1) General: Simply click "Sign Up" below to bypass study-specific descriptions and sign up directly to our database. We will contact you with the studies that you or your child are eligible for.


2) Study-Specific: Select the appropriate age and diagnosis below from the corresponding drop-down menus and click "Search" to view studies that you or your child may be eligible for. Click on each study name to view study details and sign up directly by clicking "Sign Up now" on the study-specific description page.

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Once you have entered your information into our system, whether general or study-specific, a representative from our team will contact you to follow up. Signing up in our database is a great way to stay up-to-date with our research here at the MIND Institute. You may be contacted when a new study becomes available that you or your child may be eligible for, new and exciting findings from our research studies, and events you are invited to attend at the MIND Institute.

We are excited to have you join our research community! For more information, please call 916-703-0343.